Creating a Kibana Dashboard

Creating a Kibana Dashboard

This article shows how to create a visualization dashboard using Kibana and how to analyze logged data through it. Kibana is an open-source highly scalable web-based interface which is the front end of the ELK stack, provides graphical and visualization facility and effective search functions to the user which help to analysis large volume of data in a graphical manner. Creating a Kibana Dashboard helps you to see the over roll picture of your logged data. My previous article showed how to set up and configure the ELK stack on your computer. You have to walk through that before reading this article to better understand.

Creating a Kibana dashboard you can achieve,

  • Free-text Searches
  • Boolean Search
  • Wildcard Searches
  • Field Searches
  • Range Searches

You can read more in my Kibana article.

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