Development stores can only process test payments

Development stores can only process test payments

Once you reach your payment page in Shopify now you will be able to see a message like this “Development stores can only process test payments” Finally, they removed making payments in developer mood. but still, you can place test orders. As per Shopify, it is not possible to sell live orders from 30-Mar-2020. If you want to do so you have to select a payment plan for it. I recommend if you are a beginner you can go for a 29$ plan. This is confusing I know. now you think like do I need to pay a 29$ of amount for go-live your site. you can use your debit card to select the plan which has a low bank amount or not.

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It won’t charge from your account at the beginning of the time. but once your trial period ends you will have to pay the 29$. Once you add your card and check your payment option in the setting section. you can’t see the message “Development stores can only process test payments” or any message like that.

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  1. But we should have $29 + Tax in the bank account to be be started the plan although they charge the amount end of the trail period right?

    1. Actually not, You can use your bank account which has no amount. But at the end of the trial period, they will expect 29$ + tax. If you can not pay they will disable the account and once you deposit money to your account they will automatically charge their fee for whole pending months.

      e.g If you used your debit card which has no balance for 5 months, once you put money to your account, they will charge for 2 months without noticing us.