Log Analytic Logstash


It is also an open-source tool. It provides an integrated framework for log collection analysis of a large variety of structured and unstructured data parsing centralization data Therefore we can use Logstash to parse both multiline and single line logs including common formats like JSON and syslogs as well as parse to custom logs. Logstash …

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Log Analytic Elasticsearch


Elasticsearch is also an open-source full-text search engine. It is highly scalable, It introduced in somewhere in 2010. Nowadays it became the most popular log analytic platform. It plays a major role in ELK stack (Logstash, Kibana). Elasticsearch is a Java search server that runs in a Java application server. Although Elasticsearch is mainly used …

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Log Analytic Kibana


Kibana is also an open-source highly scalable web-based interface which is the front end of the ELK stack. It provides graphical and visualization facility and effective search functions to the user which help to analysis large volume of data in a graphical manner. Kibana is based on HTML, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. It requires a web …

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Log Analytic Basic log analytic system & ELK stack

Basic log analytic system & ELK stack

First of all, we need to understand the basic log analytic system, it contains four main aspects; Generation Transport Storage Analytic In the past above all mentioned components configured in one computer, logs are generated locally and store on the local hard drive, If some event occurs like error, performance-based issue, analytical purpose, audit; developers …

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